Associate Professor in EE at National Tsing Hua University (Aug. 2018 - present)
Office: Delta 962
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Chief AI Scientist in Appier Inc.
Press Release (July. 2018 - July. 2022)
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Computer Vision and Machine Learning (especially Deep Learning) have great impact in Big Data Analytics, Robotics, Web and Mobile Applications, etc. I aim to build game changing Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications that improve our daily life, where Computer Vision is the key enabler.

To Students (給學生)

  • Prospective Graduate Students:
    I have multiple openings for MS/PhD. Please fill out the form, if you are i) highly motivated to do research in computer vision, machine/deep learning, and artificial intelligence, ii) have excellent problem solving (i.e., programming) skills to build systems, and iii) want to explore new research ideas.

  • Undergraduate Students:
    If you want to bootstrap your ability to do cutting-edge research and develop cool applications using vision science, please fill out the form.


  • One ICCV 2023 paper accepted
  • Two CVPR 2022 paper accepted
  • One Annual SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC) 2022 paper accepted
  • One NeurIPS 2022 paper accepted
  • One ICRA 2022 paper accepted
  • One NeurIPS 2021 paper accepted
  • One ICCV 2021 paper accepted
  • Three CVPR 2021 paper accepted
  • One AAAI 2021 paper accepted
  • One CVPR 2020 paper accepted
  • Two ICRA 2020 paper accepted
  • One AAAI 2020 paper accepted
  • One WACV 2020 paper accepted
  • One NeurIPS 2019 workshop paper accepted
  • Two ICCV 2019 paper accepted
  • One IROS 2019 paper accepted
  • Two CVPR 2019 paper accepted
  • One ICRA 2019 paper accepted
  • One AAAI 2019 paper accepted
  • Three NeurIPS 2018 workshop paper accepted
  • One ACCV 2018 paper accepted
  • Four ECCV 2018 paper accepted
  • One ACL 2018 paper accepted
  • One ICLR 2018 workshop paper accepted
  • One ICRA 2018 paper accepted
  • One CVPR 2018 paper accepted
  • One AAAI 2018 paper accepted
  • Four ICCV 2017 paper accepted
  • One IJCAI 2017 paper accepted
  • Two CVPR 2017 paper accepted (one Oral and one Spotlight)
  • One CHI 2017 paper accepted
  • One AAAI 2017 paper accepted
  • One ACCV 2016 Demo about Recognition using Hand Cameras
  • Two ACCV 2016 workshop paper accepted
  • One ECCV 2016 Demo about Extracting Driving Behavior from Dashcam Videos.
  • ACCV 2016 tutorial on Deep Learning for Vision-guided Language and Image Generation (Nov. 24, 2016).
  • Novatek 2016 fellowship (聯詠獎學金). Congrats to James Chan.
  • One ACCV 2016 oral paper accepted.
  • One ECCV 2016 workshop paper accepted.
  • Two ECCV 2016 papers accepted.
  • Recognition from Hand Cameras using Deep Learning on Arxiv.
  • 學海逐夢計畫 2016 awarded for visiting Stanford AI Lab. Congrats to Kuo Hao Zeng.
  • One CHI 2016 paper and one ICIP 2016 paper accepted.
  • Microsoft Research Asia Collaborative Grant awarded (PI: Prof. Chia-wen Lin; Co-PI: Prof. Min Sun).
  • Novatek 2015 fellowship (聯詠獎學金). Congrats to Kuo Hao Zeng.
  • Best Paper Award (黃俊雄紀念基金會論文獎) in CVGIP 2015@Taiwan. Congrats to Kuo Hao Zeng, Yen Chen Lin.
  • Two ECCV 2014 papers accepted related to personal video analysis (see project)
  • Fall 2014, I will start as an assistant professor in EE at NTHU (Taiwan)

Professional Activites

  • Area Chair of ACCV 2016
  • Area Chair of 3DV 2016